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  • The Libertas Legion takes a strong stance on fair gaming. Therefore Members of the community are discouraged from using exploits, cheats, and mods that provide an unfair advantage in online multiplayer games. Below is the following guideline set by the LSLN and the Cuntstitution.


    • Cheats/Mods/Exploits that affect player health, ammo, weapons, skills, levels, attributes or gain any unfair advantage of any multiplayer game.
    • Cheats/Mods/Exploits which allow for the spawning of Weapons, Vehicles, Resources or Items banned by the server or prohibited by client side multiplayer.
    • Any and All Cheats/Mods/Exploits/Programs that provide any advantage in replacement of skills, IE. Aimbot, wallhacking etc.


    • Anything you do in COOP/Single Player games (Non Multiplayer/Online Games)
    • Graphics and Texture mods
    • Server wide Modifications, changes that apply to everyone not just the player.
    • Client based Mods that do NOT provide any unfair advantages in multiplayer games

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