Since 2015, The Libertas Legion has been providing a free and active social gaming community under the LSLN Cuntstitution, ensuring freedom of speech and expression. The community enjoys an international player base, strong humor, and a team-oriented mentality.

The LSLN is a home for those looking to enjoy games and relax, understanding that games are for fun and entertainment. For those looking to join, potential members should be part of the team and participate in games and sessions, socializing within the group to get the best experience possible out of us.


The Libertas Legion stands out due to it's unique Cuntstitution, which aims to ensure freedom of speech and expression within the gaming group . The Cuntstitution guarantees the right to express viewpoints without consequence or removal, except in legal circumstances. Everyone is equally worthless, no special treatment is given regardless of who or what.

The Cuntstitution also prohibits moderating and cheating, which can lead to permanent removal. The Libertas Legion values fair gaming and takes cheating seriously. Despite this, the gaming community is casual and relaxed, encouraging good humor perfect for hours of chats and entertainment.

If the Libertas Legion looks like the new home for you, then please click below to apply to the gaming community, and our recruiters will get back to you at the earliest convenience. Take note: Depending on your location and time zone, response and contact times may vary.

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